The story behind the Hostel

Meet the Team

Esperanto Hostel has our heart and we want to make you feel at home. Feel free to read some more about this place before you visit.

You might see him around a lot. And if you don’t, better assume he’s either surfing or making his way to the northern highways in Sweden. Living in these two parts of the world, Jorge is living his passion to chase the sun. He’s also the owner of the place, living on the top of the hostel. When you meet him, don’t let the chance pass of catching up on some lifestories.

His name fits his character. This hostel would not exist if it was not for the help of Rocke. You might see him moving around to maintain almost all the ongoing activities around the hostel. If you have questions, remember this name. He speaks English and will surely be there if you need a quick hand or some knowledge about the surroundings. This guy lives empathy.

Our Spanish lion makes sure we’re sleeping safe at night. Even though his English is still limited, you can tell by his smile that everything is going to be alright. When you return late during the night, he will be the one welcoming you back.

Our Values

Esperanto is a place where we wanted to start conversations and stories. Be a safe haven on your journey. We appreciate friendliness in people and believe that’s what made this place more than just a building. Whenever you come to visit us we want to make sure you feel welcome. We try to be mindful towards our whole environment.

We ❤ Montañita

The little gem near the coast is where it all started! Most of us love to surf and enjoy the laidback culture in this town. Surrounded by nature and still without any high buildings, this is a beautiful place to treasure some good vibes.

We love Good Vibes

Good people attract good people. And we learned this lesson well over the last years. We love the talks at a sunset, love the sharing and love the travelers that choose to stop by and experience this place for a little.

Appreciate the Good Things

In the past we made the choice to include some extras in our stay. Even though we won’t offer you hotel services, there will be an awesome breakfast waiting for you every morning. And clean, well maintained rooms!

Live and Let Live

There is so much beauty around to enjoy. Everybody has their own path and their own taste. We aim for respect towards each other, listening to opinions and helping out the people with dreams. Big and small 😉

Where it once started

Next to the sandy beach in a once very rural town, Esperanto started off as a beach house. Back then Jorge was already the owner of the house and traveled the world to meet other cultures and speak many languages. This all happened before he fell in love with a Swedish girl, which made him embark on a new adventure. So he decided to adapt a new mission for the Esperanto house and it was rebuilt as a hostel. In the year 2011 the constructions were finished and the hostel now started a new life, hosting visitors from all over the world. In years of experience we met many new people; travelers, surfers, explorers from many countries over the world. We learned to adapt our services, because we found each need is different. The hostel is located strategically in a quiet, safe neighborhood, close to the town’s main strip. Which enables visitors to choose by themselves if they want to embark on a fun night out or walk right onto the beach.

We have loved engaging with our guests since the start, which has been growing a fun and free community around this place. It’s been our aim to leave people with some stories before traveling onwards. And it’s been our pleasure ever since to hear the echoes of our reputation coming back through lines of new visitors.

The hostel is built to be a place where you can regain your energy. It could be after a long travel period or a party night; Esperanto offers you the best ocean view on the most comfortable rooftop terrace in town. It’s our goal to offer you all the comforts and services that you may need as a traveler. Oh, did we mention we’ve been doing our best to always aligned this with our commitments to the environment? We hope to be seeing you around one day!

Made it this far

We love to look forward towards serving more travelers on their journey. Nonetheless, we’re also proud on the things we’ve achieved in the past and define part of who we are now.

Top lodging in TripAdvisor

Tripadvisor has invented a "Certifacete of Excellence" for open listings. This certificate is handed to companies that perform higher than a 4.5/5 rating over average. We've consistently been receiving these certificates since our opening, without missing any year! We're ranked as number one lodging in the area. Something we're really proud of.

HostelWorld ranking

We’ve been doing business on HostelWorld since our very beginning. Most of our visitors have found us this way. Having served thousands of guests, we’ve done our absolute best to get you the absolute best experience. Want to see it yourself? Click on the logo above and see for yourself.

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