Travel Guide

Travel Guide

Are you just arriving? Like some directions on the last steps in your journey?


It might not be the largest, but it is the most bio-diverse country in the world per unit area! Boasting a spectacular array of natural and cultural wonders. Once you arrive in Ecuador you will be one step away from diving with hammerhead sharks, exploring remote Andean villages, riding some epic waves, and to sip fresh coconut water under a palm tree. If you’re looking for unforgettable experiences look no further but use our place as your traveling base into this marvelous country! We will be there to show you the way.

Where to go


Esperanto Hostel is located in a small town called Montañita. This is a small village at the west coast of Ecuador that offers a great spot for all kinds of activities. It is possible to enter the wildlife, go diving, surfing, meet local communities to learn Spanish and so much more! We will give you some directions on getting to Montañita. Do you want to read more about the village itself?


You can see how Montañita is located on the coast, just west of the large city Guayaquil. Roads are leading up north to Puerto Lopez, Manta and other coastal villages and Santa Elena to the south. Driving alongside the coast is the only way to reach this town.


Most tourists visiting Ecuador enter by plane. So we've often received the question which airport is close to Montañita. Both Quito and Guayaquil have a large airport, but Guayaquil is considerably much closer to Montañita. Flights from Quito can be cheaper, but be prepared for a long busride if you're landing there!


Are you wondering how far Montañita is from guayaquil? To help you plan your travel we've written down some estimated travel time to big places nearby. These times and prices have been calculated for bus trips.

Montañita to Quito

12 hours ( $20 )

Montañita to Guayaquil

2.5 hours ( $6 )

Montañita to Cuenca

7 hours ( $15 )

Montañita to Banos

8 hours ( $20 )

Montañita to Puerto Lopez

1 hours ( $2.5 )

Montañita to Mancora

12 hours ( $20 )

Montañita to Manta

6 hours ( $10 )


Montañita does not have a bus terminal. Keep that in mind. When the bus will enter the town, the bus might stop several times to drop off people. In the centre of town it will make a stop to drop off most of the people and unload luggage. The stop might look a little bit like the picture on the left (when you are arriving from the south).

Inside Montañita


Once you have gotten off the bus just walk north. You should walk 5 minutes towards a bridge on the same road you arrived on. Directly after the bridge there will be a turn to your left, towards the sea. Signs will point you to Esperanto Hostel from there. Below you will see a picture of the turn left. Directly on the right you will see a taco bar called Tex Mex.



You have arrived

If at this point you’re still wondering where to stay in Montañita we’re suggesting to just try it for two nights! Many travelers have gone before you and left their praise after their stay. We hope to welcome you soon in our humble bed and breakfast here in Montañita!